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Not only do we want to provide every child at our partner shelters with a lovie of their very own to help get them through the adversity of being a homeless child, we want to help support the Primo Center for Women and Children financially in all their programs as they expand their efforts.  A portion of all the print proceeds from The Lovie Project go directly to the Primo Center For Women and Children. 

The mission of the Primo Center for Women and Children is to empower women and children to become productive, responsible and independent members of their communities. They’re working at ending homelessness one family at a time.

“The Lovie Project is an incredible initiative making a very large difference in the lives of homeless children residing in the Primo center programs. I will never forget my first experience meeting a young child close to 20 years ago now. He and his mother entered a homeless shelter for the first time.  The young child had one beloved object with him. That object was soon stolen by another one of the kids and it was then that it really hit me that he had nothing. Homeless children do not have basic comforts. What I most appreciate about The Lovie Project is that all children entering the shelter are given their very own lovie. As with the young child I met 20 years ago, when children enter the homeless system, they lose any sense of comfort or attachment. As children select their newly donated lovie from the project, they begin the process of feeling safe and attach to something they can call their own. For most children in the shelter, this lovie will stay with them through their experience at Primo and beyond. We are so appreciative of the hundreds of brand new lovies and financial support provided to us from The Lovie Project. We are able to help provide an object of comfort and love to the kids as well as provide necessities (such as formula, diapers and food) to the families. We truly believe every child needs a lovie! ”  - Christine Achre, CEO, The Primo Center for Women and Children

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Just a few of the brand new lovies that were
donated to the shelter from The Lovie Project in its very first year.